Corporate software from the German business cloud

Numerous software providers build on the German business cloud from CANCOM Pironet, where security and reliability are accorded the same importance as intuitive, practical and transparently priced solutions. The following applications use CANCOM Pironet Cloud Enabling – with the aim of offering you the best-possible performance:

Marketing & Sales

AKIOMA Offer Management
Solution Integrated preparation of offers, product management and contact management from the cloud at the touch of a Button
Benefit Offer management for marketing products which are complex and not elf-explanatory
Keywords Preparation of offers, product management, contact management, customer-specific, hierarchical data assignment
Provider AKIOMA Software KG
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Online Storage & Back Up

Solution Next-generation online archive
Benefit Convenient management of business and private documents
Keywords Online data back-up, mobile document management, searching and sharing
Provider d.velop AG
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Finance & Accounting

The Web Software / The Office Management
Solution Custom management and billing systems in the cloud
Benefit Secure data access and control – anywhere and at any time
Keywords Bookkeeping, access controls, POS systems, personal organisers, CRM functions, factoring, collection
Provider intratech GmbH
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Stotax Kanzlei
Solution Holistic software solution which contains all the important programs for tax consultancy
Benefit Both start-up companies and established tax consultancy firms obtain professional software in the familiar Stollfuß quality for an attractive price
Keywords Law firm management, corporate and personal taxes, HR management and accounting, SEPA
Provider Stollfuß Medien GmbH & Co. KG
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HR Management

PERKURA Business Process Outsourcing HCM
Solution Consulting service for the optimisation of administrative HR processes: design, implementation and transfer as part of outsourcing models
Benefit Comprehensive know-how in the HR management sector, established software solution for supporting business processes
Keywords Consulting service, development, outsourcing, HR management, service processes
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Solution KUMAVISION AG develops ERP industry solutions which make medium-sized companies in the fields of industry, engineering, healthcare and the wholesale trade more competitive and successful
Benefit Optimal support of the business processes to ensure greater competitiveness, flexible cloud solution for greater flexibility, no investment in IT infrastructure
required, secure operation in a German data centre
Keywords Business solutions for medium-sized companies, ERP applications for various sectors, highly flexible cloud solution, End2End availability including the network
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Solution Software for technical building management
Benefit Internet-based portal solutions for process automation of technical building management, maintenance, modernisation and new buildings
Keywords WProfessional housing companies and housing administration, commercial property management, maintenance, modernisation, safety of the premises, inventory management
Provider BTS Software GmbH & Co. KG
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Platform & Development

Solution Creating SaaS business applications quickly with minimum programming effort
Benefit Progress Rollbase simplifies the development, implementation and use of business applications
Keywords Design, develop, deploy, Point&Click, Drag&Drop, getting started quickly, seamless integration
Provider Progress Software GmbH
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