Enterprise PaaS

CANCOM Pironet’s own PaaS development platform for web-based applications provides a comprehensive and powerful technical foundation to ensure your cloud computing success.


Faster application development and market entry

In future, PaaS users working together with CANCOM Pironet will be provided all the essentials they need to make an immediate start: an integrated range of solutions comprising PaaS tools already implemented in CANCOM Pironet’s data centre plus a wide variety of support and service offerings.

For you, this means: more flexibility and speed when it comes to application development and bringing your product to market.

Diverse technology environment

Our cloud-enabling solution package is founded on a diversified, fully automatic, flexible multi-platform technology environment. Irrespective of which particular cloud platform and in which programming language or technology environment the software developer is at home: CANCOM Pironet provides the technological basis for developing and testing the applications as well as for their later operation.

In addition to the programming languages Microsoft .NET, PHP, Java and Perl, developers can also create applications in node.js, Python and Ruby in the new PaaS environment. Available databases include MySQL, ProstgreSQL, MS SQL and MongoDB. CANCOM Pironet offers a wide range of options when it comes to IDE integration too: Common solutions such as Eclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, Titanium Studio, and Visual Studio are all supported.


Focus on your strengths

Thanks to Enterprise PaaS, you can use your preferred development environment to convert your software to a modern Web architecture with the necessary flexibility, security and speed. Our job is to provide you with the technical infrastructure so that you can focus on the essentials – your product.

All of CANCOM Pironet’s offices and data centres are without exception located within Germany. CANCOM Pironet is also certified according to the strict ISO 27001 standard for IT security.

Get detailed information about the various benefits, our data centre, the innovative, risk-minimised pricing model and our individually tailored support packages for developing your business model.

Please feel free to contact us.


Using Enterprise PaaS with Windows Azure Pack

CANCOM Pironet’s Enterprise PaaS Azure Pack provides you with a simple, safe and quick introduction to the world of service-oriented cloud deployment models. Azure Pack runs as a collection of tried-and-tested Azure technologies right in the CANCOM Pironet data centre. It offers all the features you need for developing, distributing and managing your application. Discover for yourself the benefits of CANCOM Pironet’s close involvement with Microsoft.

Using Enterprise PaaS with Progress Rollbase

Rollbase links the two major goals of application development: fast, reliable creation with simple operation and virtually no barriers to entry for non-programmers. It’s a cloud platform that companies can use both to develop their business software and make it available using the software-as-a-service model. Even inexperienced programmers can create an application in a standard browser by using the drag & drop and point & click operations. Progress Rollbase offers rapid application development (RAD) and meets the demand for quicker and easier software development.

Progress Rollbase is equally suitable for both large corporations and ISVs. It provides extensive options for client and customer management, provisioning, application development, publishing and distribution. Moreover, Progress Rollbase also supports ISVs and resellers by providing a white-label option that allows the product to be marketed under one or more brand names.

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