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Documents are always available where you want to use them – on the PC, smartphone and tablet-PC. The digital document box is everywhere.


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FOXDOX is a product of d.velop business services GmbH, a company in the d.velop Group. FOXDOX is based on the d.3 System of d.velop AG – business software with a 20-year success story. It is not a nameless start-up company that is behind FOXDOX, but a business professional with many years of experience in handling all types of information: d.velop AG employs over 450 members of staff to develop and market software which facilitates and expedites document handling. Document management, digital workflows and electronic archiving are the key factors with which d.velop has enthused more than 3,600 customers with over 870,000 users for over 20 years.

Small and very small companies also find FOXDOX to be the perfect customer retention tool. This online archive, developed by the d.velop subsidiary d.velop business services GmbH, is also audit-proof and thus just as professional as the conventional on-premise systems for document management in companies.

Brief Profile

  • Professional Enterprise Content Management
  • Bridges the last gap in secure digital document communication through to the end customer
  • With FOXDOX, customers and business partners obtain their completely personal, secure, German cloud archive in which they can manage their documents digitally
  • Creates a joint, secure communication platform


  • Secure data and application access – at anytime and anywhere
  • Broad support by numerous organisations and public authorities
  • End-to-end digital document processes – through to the end customer
  • Cost reduction through more efficient processes and by dispensing with postage and paper


  • Uploading documents, contracts, policies, pictures, guarantee receipts, etc. to FOXDOX
  • All documents are stored in encrypted form (d.ecs encryption service)
  • High-security storage and interchange between sender and recipient


  • All data is contained securely and efficiently encrypted in a data centre in Germany
  • Documents are accessed exclusively using connections protected by multi-tier SSL encryption
  • Comprehensive and proactive security management
  • Regular checking of the data centre security features by reputable auditors


  • Large and growing community
  • Cross-industry support from the d.velop Group
  • Networking with highly-trained distribution partners
  • Maintenance and support

More information on FOXDOX, for example on functions, application areas and references, is available here. And of course we can also provide you with further details about the PIRONET data centre.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


d.velop business services GmbH
Schildarpstraße 6-8
48712 Gescher


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Contact Person: Andreas Viersbach

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