Go-To-Market Program

Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings are becoming increasingly scrutinised by ISVs and software development houses as more and more of their customers are demanding business solutions based on the cloud computing model: Applications exactly according to requirements, billed according to actual usage, and with minimal effort for implementation and updating – and what’s more, subject to German data protection laws.


Understanding the challenges

Future cloud computing providers face significant challenges when it comes to the transformation and operation of the applications: These range from the definition of service processes and SLA commitments to the pricing structure and marketing to the customers.

Pre-prepared solutions plus optional services

We can offer you a clear solution: CANCOM Pironet follows precisely defined steps to migrate the products of software companies and ISVs to the cloud! We guide you through each stage, from the analysis of the current status to market-ready product and guarantee reliable operation. We can optionally provide additional services on your behalf, including 24/7 help desk support for your end users.

ISVs can make use of our services in the way best suited to their business goals and sales models. With over ten years of real-world experience in the deployment and operation of successful cloud computing and on-demand software services, we know just which additional needs businesses may develop.

Comprehensive range

CANCOM Pironet provides PaaS users with all the essentials required to get up and running right away: an integrated range of solutions consisting of immediately useable PaaS tools that are already implemented in the CANCOM Pironet data centre as well as a wide variety of support and service offerings ranging from technical consultancy, joint validation and development of business plans to access to ready-to-use documents and concepts for cloud computing business models.

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