The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

As a consultancy and systems integrator, you are the classic partner for demanding software projects, such as those based on SAP or Microsoft technologies. Your knowledge and expertise in processes and technology ensures that business-critical systems can grow with the requirements of the company.


True partnership with clear division of labour

But customers have long been demanding more: Your consulting and service partner should also take on operation of the software landscape. For integrators that don’t have their own data centre, the search for suitable hosting providers can prove difficult, as certified hosting partners are not infrequently competitors with their own integration business.

Place your trust as an integration specialist in a true partnership with clear division of labour among experts!

You integrate, we operate!

We take on the task of operating the software for customer projects on behalf of our integration partners in one of the most modern and secure data centres in Germany.

CANCOM Pironet’s team of specialists manages everything from complex system environments and additional applications to full outsourcing, and all based on defined quality guarantees and service level agreements (SLAs). The possibilities range from outsourcing the base operation and upgrade management through application support up to the complete taking over of entire business processes.

Offering more services together

We implement sophisticated migration and outsourcing projects together with our integration partners This means you can offer your customers an ideal solution that includes flexibly priced operation and maintenance components.

Because: The costs involved in constructing a high-security data centre represent a significant business risk for anyone who doesn’t yet have one and the necessary operating know-how. The fact that CANCOM Pironet does not have its own integration business makes us, as operating and hosting specialists, your ideal partner.


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