Pay as you grow

CANCOM Pironet supports your business model from the outset! Our prices vary according to your costs and in so doing dynamically adjust to your individual situation. A three-stage, time-based model allows you to launch your application with minimal financial risk. This new and innovative pricing model is tailored to the specific market needs of ISVs and software developers. An individually tailored go-to-market plan worked out together with you ensures commercial operation in the cloud environment that is profitable from the outset.


Flexible pricing model with minimum investment risk

When you rewrite or create a new application, it doesn’t generate any profit at the start of the project. CANCOM Pironet takes this into account and has made allowance for this challenge in its business model. It means that no charge is made for the use of either the development environment or the platforms during the initial phase of your project. You have gratis, unrestricted use of the technology platform of CANCOM Pironet’s Enterprise PaaS for a period of up to six months. Both parties agree upon a date on which this phase will end and when a decision will be taken as to whether to continue with the project.

Profitable business from the first customer

You don’t have to be concerned about high costs during the market launch of your application either. We already grant you the future cost benefits of your cloud solution today. As a result: Profitable business from the first customer. In addition, you are guaranteed low charges and 100% pay-as-you-go billing over the following nine months. There are no minimum quantity charges or claims made for overheads. You pay for what you use and get full SLA quality from the start – it’s that simple. This phase also comes to an end on a set date.


Growing with the demand

Once your application has been launched and become established on the market, the growth phase begins. And with it the need for further expansion and optimisation of individual platforms and reference models. Your costs continue to vary dynamically according to the turnover being generated with end customers. For you, this means: the highest level of cost certainty and with it the financial freedom to tackle other projects!

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